How to Focus?

Whenever we give time to see within ourselves then the outside world issue also rectified. In practice time we generally indulge in lots of thoughts. But these thought are not helpful to us in our inside journey. We can sit twice a day one for watching ideas and other material thinking and once for only Anapana Meditation and watching only breath to get more focused approach.

When we observe our sensations some cleaning start, may be it is very little or very surface level cleaning but it helps to clean out the surface level seeds which may become plants after one year or later time.

When we correct inside world the outside world itself corrected. Tendency of human mind rolls between our financial situations, family situations or other situations. We can clearly see the outside attachments become weak and inside bonding become strong day by day and that we helpful to you to FOCUS. Learn pure meditation is here to all you fearless, Be Happy!!

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